Topsy Turvy – Pink Layer Cake

I decided to make a pink layer cake for my first Whimsical Wonderland themed Clandestine Cake Club at the weekend.  I’d never made this before but I knew that I wanted to make if different with some sort of contrast.  The contrast was the black icing. Next the decision was buttercream or sugarpaste?  I chose the buttercream as I thought this would look more effective.

Now the task was to  recreate what my was in whimsical mind in bake form.

First things first – the easy part just bake the cakes.  I used my special ‘perfect cupcake recipe’ and doubled it. Which meant that I used 6 eggs in total.  In my opinion this made the cake taste a little bit ‘eggy’ which I personally did not like.  Others said it tasted fine but next time I will try it with 5 eggs.

One the mixture was ready I separated the mixture into three sandwich pans.I added a few drops (approx. 5 drops) of the Wilton Pink Icing Colour to one batch.  As the icing colouring is concentrated, only a few drops are needed to achieve a pale pink colour to the cake mixture.  Next I added approximately 10 drops to the third batch and mixed it thoroughly to get an even colour throughout.

My three pink batches ready to be baked

I baked the cakes for approximately 30-35 minutes and this was just enough time. When I took them out of their foil tins (which was a fantastic idea as they came out with ease) I noticed that the cakes were a little ‘topsy turvy’, hence the name.  This suited my theme of course…thank goodness!

The tip here is to ensure that you remember which cake mixture are which when you put them in the oven, as when baked it can be difficult to see the difference.  This is especially useful if you are baking more than three layers.

Spot the difference

Once cooled, well the next morning, they were ready to be dressed.  I added the vanilla buttercream as the sandwich filling, before adding a top layer of vanilla buttercream on top of the cake. Then I put it in fridge for about 2 hours before mixing another batch of vanilla buttercream in preparation for the black buttercream.Quite a number of drops of Wilton Black Icing Colour was needed to get the buttercream to look black.  I wasn’t measuring or counting exactly but it must have taken about  2/3 of the tiny bottle.  Considering the colouring is concentrated I think this was quite a fair amount. Anyway once it reached my desired shade I started piping.

This is what I ended up with. It wasn’t completely what I envisaged originally but was pretty close.  I didn’t really want the pink glitter star, it was supposed to be a heart.  Next time!

Topsy Turvy Pink Layer Cake

What do you think?  Do you think she looks whimsical? I do wonder!


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