My first Foodie Penpals swap – May 2012

I have been waiting anxiously to post my first Foodie Penpals reveal.   I am still excited by the idea and overwhelmed by my package from Nadine.  I received my package on Saturday 19th May via the Post Office.  (Sadly I will never be in to collect my delivery during the week which is annoying!)

Foodie Penpals is fantastic!  How is it that someone I have only been communicating with for…3 weeks, can already know me so well!?!  I mean we haven’t even met! This is starting to sound like a romance story, but I really do think I have ‘met’ my foodie twin!

Okay I know this is my first time and yes I’m a Foodie Pen Pal virgin…blah…blah…blah…but Nadine has really made my day!  Ahh! [Smiles]

All my goodies were packaged in this Oasis bag.

Everything was so carefully chosen and suited me, Nadine clearly listened and knows how to buy a great gifts.  Thanks again Nadine @DeenieLou!

Pink Glitter Sugar  I put this back at the till at Tesco’s the day before as I couldn’t justify buying it over dinner for that night.  Little did I know that my foodie penpal Nadine had already put one in my package.

Foodie Surprise No: 1, 2 & 3

I love butterflies so naturally I practically squealed when I saw the butterfly plunger cutter.  I am looking forward to using them soon.

What a thoughtful card!

Quickly Nadine and I realised that we had a mutual appreciation for sweet treats.  So she kindly offered to bake me something ‘unusual’ as per my request.   The unusual treats were these Chai Tea, Oat and Date cookies.

Foodie Surprise No. 4 – They were delicious!

Foodie Surprise No. 5

The warm & spicy Indian chai teabags told me that Nadine had used some of them in my cookies, but I didn’t mind what form they came in.

The cake decorating book was especially thoughtful as I am working on improving my icing skills.  I love to bake cakes and the decorating part is great but definitely an area which needs refining.  So now I can buy some patience and work my way through the techniques.

Last but not least, the Mallow Love Hearts were so soft and delicious.

All my foodie goodies!

They say you never forget your first and I surely won’t forget the excitement I felt when I received all the contents of my first Foodie Pen Pal package.

I’m still pondering as to whether it is better to give than to receive, as I really enjoyed buying the foodie gifts for my foodie penpal Verity @Dicksnensian.  I was just as ecstatic when I got her email of gratitude.  Perhaps I will have to do it all over again next month and see.

So would you like to become a Foodie Pen Pal? I’m sure you do. Follow this link to Rock Salt.  Have a read and once convinced, which is easily done, sign up!   Maybe we’ll be paired up one day.


4 thoughts on “My first Foodie Penpals swap – May 2012

  1. Helloooo! Oh wow how I loved reading this post – I am still so made up that you loved everything, as that was very clearly my aim!! 🙂 Can’t believe you nearly bought those pink sprinkles.. psycic or what!? I definitely believe it’s the small things in life which matter the most and I enjoyed bringing this package together so much that to hear of your happiness will keep me smiling for days! I do enjoy giving over than receiving, not to say receiving isn’t fun either!! We MUST arrange to meet up because like you said I don’t think I have met someone that is so much like me in regards to our foodie “tastes”!!

    Spk to you soon!!
    Over&Out.. Nadine (@DeenieLou) x x

  2. Roger that! Nadine we’ll have to meet up! When you come to London perhaps we could find a lovely little tea/cake shop and eat some treats. Maybe I may pop up to you but we’ll meet one day. Do stay in touch!

    I will forever be grateful for the memory. The box was so special and meant so much. I made phone calls, texts, tweeted, facebooked (if that’s a verb!) and just kept talking about how happy I was with my ‘special’ box. So honestly THANK YOU for being in tune with me.

    Over&Out…Foodie Twin Kay xx

  3. I’d love to.. what’s your facebook email, shall get you on there and then we have no excuses!! Maybe we can do a monthly swap just between us 2 as well.. that is if you fancy it, but not such a big package, just if we find little bits and pieces or bake something that we think each other might like.. what do you think?

    It was my absolute pleasure getting all those items for you and the fact that you are so appreciative of it all means the world!! =D

    N xxx

  4. You two are so sweet, this is exactly the point of Foodie Penpals, and it makes me really glad. Your parcel really does look special, I particularly like the look of the cookies – yum!

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