Jubilee Cupcakes

What a fantastic weekend it’s been!  I’m not really a royalist, well I never thought I was, but I have really found myself enjoying the all the festivities this weekend.  The weather hasn’t been the best, but did we really expect it to be!?!  NO! Besides I had the opportunity to go back to my east-end roots and enjoy a good  ol’ sing-a-long at a street party. It was great!  Plus anyway it was an excuse to bake some jubilee cupcakes for my sister’s street party.

With the impending Jubilee Jubilation – Clandestine Cake Club coming up on Sunday I thought I’d just bake something quick and easy to share with the east-end gang. Following the red, white and blue theme I created a small batch of vanilla cupcakes and blue marble cupcakes.

Getting ready to be baked

Baked…almost ready!

Royal Red Heart

Regal Blue

The cakes were very popular with the neighbours and went down a treat.

Can you spot the cake thief?

My little treat after a long day!


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