Jubilee Jubilation…Oh the joy!

Ooops!  We did it again!

Oh yes we did and I think we may have over challenged ourselves this time.  I think all 11 of us including Nan Alma had a piece of EVERY one of the 9 cakes!  We did it!

Today was the second meet of the Bounds Green & Bowes Park branch of the Clandestine Cake Club. The theme this time was Jubilee Jubilation and I must say I felt a sense of jubilation when I realised that I had eaten…let’s call it tasted all of the 9 cakes.

We welcomed four new bakers/eaters to our friendly cake family.  Gisela, Jessica, Chris and Nan Alma.

All of the cakes were as requested fit for a queen and took on their own interpretation of the theme.  There were some great names too, Nutty Victoria, Victori(a)ous  Sponge, Junk Mail and Berry Patri-choc-lick.

Meet the cakes…

Nutty Victoria II– named so as this was Kay’s second attempt at baking her VictoriaSponge with peanut butter filling.  Topped with Jubilee special edition M&M’s. She looks so proud of her cake bake!?!

Kay with her Nutty Victoria II

The funniest thing today was when ‘a baker’ I will mention no names here asked what type of cheddar was on top of the White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake.  We all roared with laughter.  Admittedly, the sprinkles of white chocolate did look like grated cheese, but cheddar!?!  So funny!

White Chocolate Cheesecake – a baked cheesecake baked by the lovely Serrika.  This was a hit.  It had pieces of real ginger in the cheese filling as well as ground ginger.  The base was of course ginger biscuits.  I love ginger so I absolutely loved this cheesecake.

“What type of cheddar cheese is that?”

Cheddar or white chocolate?

Junk Mail – not as it sounds was a 6 tiered red letter box cake.  A combination of banana and chocolate cake layers (3 of each) sandwiched together by a bourboun biscuit buttercream.  Mmmmm!  It was majestically tall and stood proudly on the table.  Natalie is fast becoming the queen of the biscuit buttercream.

Carrot Cake – 3 tiers of moist carrot cake held together with cream cheese frosting.  Again tall and mighty looking.  This was also delicious! Thanks Gisela.

Everyone loves Carrot Cake

Prince William’s Groom’s Cake – I hadn’t heard of this before and was quite excited about what it may be.  Theo did mention that it contained biscuit and chocolate so I knew straight away that I’d like it and I did.  Apparently Prince William requested this cake at his wedding.  Ooooh errr!

Fit for a Prince!

Raspberry, Blueberry and Almond Blondies – These bite sized bakes were tasty.  I’ve never had blondies before and wasn’t sure what to expect.  But I learnt something, I now know that the dominant ingredient in blondies is brown sugar and not chocolate/cocoa which makes brownies brown.  For me this was a lovely break from the other sweet cakes. Thanks Chris!

Victori(a)ous  Sponge –  She was delicious and moist.  Cerys, our youngest baker, baked a 3 layered Victoria Sponge covered in strawberries and blueberries.  So colourful and tasty, it reminded us of a childhood cake that we still can’t put a name to.

Berry British

Berry Patri-choc-lick – Our patriotic cake an oversized muffin cake with a selection of berries decorated in Union Jack flags, a London buses and red telephone boxes.  It was simple and it was delicious.

Royal Red & Blue Velvet – one red velvet layer and a blue velvet layer sandwiched with a cream cheese frosting.  Red, white and blue – the colours were intense and it tasted divine.

Royal & Regal – Red and Blue

I wonder how many of the other Clandestine Cake Clubs can boast of having three generations of one family in attendance!  This time Beverley not only brought her lovely young cake baker Cerys along, but her mother too who used to love baking cakes.

Daughter, Mum and Nan

Once again we recieved looks of appreciation from other diners at The Step and the lovely owners Nell and Matt got a chance to tuck in too!

It is wonderful what cake can do for the community…roll on the next one.  The theme will probably be related to The Olympics, I just need to find a suitable date and hopefully The Step will have us all bake again!?!

My goodie plate!


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