SOLD OUT! Whoop! Whoop! Praise for Harringay Market!

Well…obviously the title says it all right!?!  Today was the first day of the much anticipated Harringay Market.  If you’re reading this and are not local to North London and more precisely the Harringay Ladder or its surrounding areas, then you probably have no idea what I am referring to.  Saying this, this sadly means that you’ve missed out on a fabulous day – the beginning of a vibrant food/art and crafts market which is here to stay.

I woke up this morning and realised that I had returned to my innocence, the innocence of being excited about the unknown.  Deep inside I knew that my first market experience was going to be great but didn’t put too much thought into the expectations, as secretly I didn’t want to disappoint myself.  So with my cakes in tow we made our way down to Falkland Road.

When we arrived a few stall holders were battling the winds with their gazebos.   Thankfully I didn’t opt for the cheap £20 Homebase option and bought a descent pop-up gazebo which stood firm throughout the winds and frequent showers. Up it popped and I proceeded to arrange my table.  My inspiration for my table was the typical West Indian dining room table, with doilies, vases with flowers and cake plates before they became ‘vintage’.  I wanted my table to look like the table I remembered when I was growing up. Obviously it also had to be filled with cake too!

I kept the menu small today to get a feel for what was popular.  Each week I will sell a speciality cake, which could be either my latest experiment or a firm favourite with a difference.

On the KayTea’s Cakes menu today:

Earl Grey TeaLemon Drizzle

Dark Chocolate

Vanilla Cake

I’d like to say that floods of people came pouring through the gates at 11am, but this simply wasn’t true.  Rather, small groups scattered the playground initially, then as noon past the crowds grew.

At first the appetite for cake was dormant, but this changed. The Dark Chocolate cake seemed to be the most popular then along came the most delightful lady who told me that she had ‘old’ friends coming over for tea and wanted to treat them to cake.  She liked the look of my Lemon Drizzle and bought the whole cake! From then on the slices disappeared.

I had officially ‘sold out’  at 1:40pm.  What a success it was!  But not just for me but for many others.  (Note to self: must get a ‘sold out’ sign and/or bake more cakes for next week.)


Courtesy of Harringay Online

Courtesy of Harringay Online

The market really had so much on offer and as per the conversations that I had with some locals was ‘much needed in the area’ .  So it goes without saying really that Jessica – Foxy Cooks deserves all the praise that she receives.   Her little thought about the lack of a foodie market in North London, sparked this idea which has led to many of us local people gaining the opportunity to share our talents and produce with an audience.  Plus, it has all happened in such a short space of time.  So thanks Jessica for giving me the opportunity.

Gratitude really is a special feeling and I really am feeling this now for my friends and family.  They offered support, surprised me and my family even bought me a little gift to say congratulations! I love the thoughtful doily card.

We’ve copyrighted the caption by the way – so no stealing!

Now if you are ever in the area do come down to the Harringay’s new market, which will grow rapidly.  What’s different about this market is that you can buy farmed produce, a variety of cheeses, bread, fish, cakes plus a selection of street foods from around the world including Brazil, Japan and Sri Lanka to name a few.  For more information check Harringay Market but whatever you do – do come and visit soon. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Every Sunday from 11am-3pm
North Harringay Primary School
Falkland Road
N8 0NU


10 thoughts on “SOLD OUT! Whoop! Whoop! Praise for Harringay Market!

  1. I was so miffed to have missed this as I live in the area and have thought many times that it’s lacking a regular market. So, its great to read this post and hear how well it did. I’m definitely going next time and I’m absolutely tracking you down for some cake – it looks delicious!

  2. Congratulations, looks like it was a huge success. I shall have to venture north of the river (and beyond) to come along and try for myself :0)

  3. Hi, what a lovely description you have given about this wonderful venture! Unfortunately I live in Amsterdam, but my daughter lives in Harringay, I will be sure to come and visit the next time I am around! And will come and have some slices of your cakes! Good luck, buy a HUGE sold out sign and I hope you will have to put it up, often! Kind regards, Yvonne.

    • Kay thank you for your kind words and your lovely description of the market! Of course you sold out, your cakes are deelish and you made me proud!

      Hi Yvonne, ik heb de markt georganiseerd en ik ben ook Dutch 😉 Lijkt me leuk om je dochter te ontmoeten, vooral als ze in Harringay woont. Er wonen niet zoveel Nederlanders hier. (translation: i’m happy to hear that there are more Dutchies living in Harringay)

  4. Wonderful KT – your dark chocolate cake was a massive hit with us all (we had to divide each piece into 2 because of your generous slicing!)


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