Foodie Penpal – June 2012

Second time and it’s just as good.  This month I was, coincidentally, paired up with fellow Clandestine Cake Club organiser Helen Jones who organised one of the first CCC’s. (I hope that’s the correct fact!)

We quickly got acquainted and before I knew it my foodie penpal parcel had arrived.   It contained very nice touches as her note explained and her daughter helped with the food selection.

The range of goodies.

My box

This package was very different to my first foodie pen parcel.  Immediately as I opened it, I spotted the herbs and I knew that this package was less of a sweetie box than my last. This parcel appealed to my ‘healthier’ side and contained more savoury products.

The oregano herb seeds will be put to good use.  I will plant these soon and look forward to adding them to tomato sauce and making an Italian sauce for spaghetti.  It’s funny as my mum likes to grow herbs and she always thinks that I take the ‘mickey’ out of her but look at me now!

M&S v Greek Faji

Next was the puy lentils and sun dried tomatoes.  This was particularly interesting as I have been working closely with a Greek colleague who regularly brings in a wonderful green lentil and rice dish called Faji. It is absolutely delicious!  Sadly it was her last day today so now I can have this instead.  If it is tasty it may quickly become a regular.  I wonder if it will replace Natalie’s Faji…mmm let’s see.

The cashew nuts were a nice little touch as nuts are often eaten in my household as a snack. I am also looking for a recipe which includes Amaretti biscuits.  So if anyone know of any please do let me know.  I’m looking forward to trying out a new dessert.


My next lovely foodie goodie was the Orange Blossom Water which I will experiment with soon. Hopefully, if I am successful the cake will be featured on my cake stall.  So watch this space!  Perhaps as suggested by Helen, I could use the Amaretti biscuits and the Orange Blossom Water ingredients together.

Now little Evie (Helen’s daughter) surely knows a good thing when she sees it as she chose the Hot Choc spoon.  So sweet!  This will be enjoyed after a long week at work.

Chosen by Evie

Although the Diamond Jubilee is over, it’s still officially the Jubilee month and so the Union Jack flag is much appreciated.  I must say that I have a new love for the Union Jack this year!

All is all this was a great foodie parcel with a variety of things to try and use.  Many thanks Helen @BakingAitch


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