Finally I have been able to find time to get out and eat cake!  The original plan was to try Cake Hole Cafe at Vintage Heaven in Columbia Road, but as they are only open at the weekends my friend suggested Ottolenghi.

Ottolenghi, as featured in Tea & Cake London, is food heaven.  If you are a Londoner you NEED to visit this restaurant.  Yes, it is a restaurant and not a cake shop, but the cakes are to die for!

Briefly for the foodies that are reading I suggest you try the food here if you get a chance.  It is amazing!  Aubergines have never tasted so good. They have published two recipe books; Ottolenghi: The Cookbook and Plenty. After having a cheeky flick through them at the counter, I’d say that there are well worth a purchase.

It is very rare that you find an eatery that has a philosophy and theirs is ‘familiar and straight forward, yet highly innovative’.  Their food is as they say ‘uncomplicated’.  This is indeed true, however you should not confuse uncomplicated with simple.  Their cakes look simple, homemade, and rustic even, if you can describe cakes in this way, yet it is apparent that every fine detail has been carefully executed to precision.  Even the way the staff present and position the plates on your table appears to be an art.  Each plate is placed on the table and then rotated into position.

Moist chcoolate cake with Baileys cream

To eat, I chose the moist chocolate cake with Baileys cream, which I was drawn to not just by its attractive chocolate shavings, but as I too have made a Chocolate Guinness cake with Bailey’s frosting, I wanted to see how they did theirs. The Baileys filling was light and just right, complimenting the dark moistness of the chocolate. It was divine and worth every penny!

..divine and worth every penny!

The carrot and walnut cake looked delicious and moist too.  I think I will get that next time.  Oh yes there will be a next time.  Ottolenghi will be getting visits from my friends and I in the future that is certain.Ambience: 5      Taste: 5     Value for money: 5                                                          (Rating: Lowest = 1 Highest = 5)

I recommend that you visit soon. There are a few branches – Islington is the largest. Zena Alkayat writer of Tea & Cake London reviewed the Notting Hill branch.

Ottolenghi  287 Upper Street, Islington, London N1 2TZ

Check the website for more information Ottolenghi.  They also have a blog and I found a link to cooking classes too!

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