Foodie Penpals – August 2012

Another month and another special package, chosen carefully by my great foodie penpal Lisa Clark.  This month I sent a parcel to Sally Johnson, who you’ll find on Twitter @sallycinnamon21  Like myself, she was happy with her parcel, which of course made me feel great inside.

Lisa is clearly one of those people who loves to select and buy gifts for people, taking careful consideration of their likes and dislikes.  My package this month brought a huge smile to my face.  Even the wrapping paper was delightful!

I love butterflies!

I loved everything in my package and that simply is it!  Happiness, joy, elation and gratitude was felt this month.

Lisa even included little wafer butterflies which I can add to my cakes.

I have categorised my package as follows:  tea, items for cakes, sweets and snacks.

Tea, locally baked shortbread, fresh Gunpowder Pinhead (Green Tea)

I was so excited to see the Gunpowder Pinhead as I use it in cake and needed to buy some more.  How did she know this?  The shortbread disappeared very quickly and I’m saving my chamomile flowers tea for ‘one of those days’.

Edible glitter and Posh Pearls

I will use the edible orange glitter and my orange blossom water on the same cake.  (I received the orange blossom water in an earlier foodie penpal parcel.)

Healthy Snack

This was my healthy snack element as opposed to my much appreciated Haribos!

One of the best aspects of foodie penpal is when you receive a package from someone who has really put thought into their choices and Lisa really did.  If you didn’t already know, I love butterflies and she tried her best to include them.  If you get paired with Lisa Clark next month or months to come you’ll be in for a treat.  Thanks again for a great experience.


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