Foodie Penpals – September 2012

I can’t even start this post by saying, ‘it’s that time of month again!’ because although technically is the end of the month and the time we ‘foodiepenpal-ers/ists’ post about our latest experience, I am posting about the previous month!

Since the beginning of September, I have been busy with school, focussing on the beginning of term etc.  So apologies for not posting sooner.  The excitement was still there mind!

So, for the month of September, my Foodie Penpal was Catherine @kasariw who is a fellow cake-baker living with as she put it ‘a dedicated savouries man – Mr Soup.’  Please check out their blog as there are numerous heart-warming soups for the autumnal evenings.

Now Catherine was an absolute gem as she handmade butterflies for me…how thoughtful and special.

Every single item in my parcel was thoughtful and much appreciated.  The home-made tea flavoured biscuits  were eaten straight away of course! I was also given home–made marmalade too!

The flower teas are fantastic and I now need to visit Ikea to buy some lovely clear jars to keep them in. Plus I have been re-inspired (what a strange word but you know what I mean) to look for a glass teapot.  I feel a trip to Covent Garden coming on.

Catherine’s parcel catered to all my likes basically sweet and pretty things.  For future foodie penpals, having a nose around…I LOVE BUTTERFLIES!  So far all of my special parcels have featured a butterfly or two. Thanks in advance for keeping the tradition going 😉

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