Foodie Penpals – October 2012

Happy to see you

Originality was the theme of this month’s Foodie Penpal parcel. I was ill when my parcel from Lorraine arrived; I waited patiently until I was better so I could really enjoy my monthly experience.   My wait did not disappoint.

Lorraine a fellow baker, who runs her own tearoom in Wales, was my Foodie Penpal this month. Please follow her on Twitter @MillieMiggins. Based on the wonderful treats included in my parcel this month I think she should train as a detective!  How did she know these things about me? The package received from her included items that were original but very ‘me’. Once again I have been blown away by the care that has gone into producing the parcel.  I also think it is important to note that the communication during the process was and is crucial to the whole experience.  There is nothing better than giving and being thanked for your efforts (well after my next comment you’ll realise that there is).  Neither is there anything better than being thanked and your efforts being appreciated. So thanks AGAIN Lorraine for your parcel 🙂Look at the goodies I received above.  Lorraine did confess that she wrote a note to accompany the parcel but found it after sending it. So being the creative thinker that I am, I have added my own story to every item.

Fig Crackers – chosen because like I said, she is a secret detective and knows that I have recently discovered the taste of Figs and quite like them!  How did she know this? Der ner der ner…It is Halloween after all! Still, they will be enjoyed with cheese later in the week.

Crystallised Violet Flowers – I have to confess I had to google the name as I had no idea what the little hard purple things were; however I am now educated.  I will use them as decoration I think for a tea loaf.  How did she know that I like learning new things and that purple is one of my favourite colours!?!  (My other favourite colour is green.)

Milk Chocolate Pencils – This was a lovely touch.  I’m not sure if I mentioned that I was a teacher, but this tickled me when I saw it.  Immediately I started thinking of the many uses of the container once I had finished eating the pencil shaped chocolate inside.

Garden Critter Jelly Pop – Simply because I have a sweet tooth. Not much more to say really.Speciality Lasagne –  This had the wow factor!  I was impressed.  I have never seen pasta the colour of Twister ice-lollies before.  The label informed me that pink was the beetroot and the green was spinach.  Again I have recently got into beetroot and I love spinach. I’m looking forward to trying this out but need to think about the ingredients as the colours must look harmonious on the plate.  Choconchoc Chocolates – The coincidence item. I had bought  a similar item for myself earlier this month.  Delicious! Edible butterflies – Obviously my beloved butterflies had to feature in the parcel. Perhaps I should begin blogging about my butterfly bakes.  I will ponder on this…

Another month of appreciation.  Thanks again to Lorraine for creating a fantastic parcel.  I hope that hers was just as good.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Foodie Penpals follow the link to Carol Anne’s blog Rock Salt to find out more.


6 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals – October 2012

  1. I participated for the first time this month. It was really fun receiving my pen pal’s package.
    Looks like you received a terrific package of goodies.
    Happy Halloween!

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